Supertronic Diagnostics

Supertronic DiagnosticsSupertronic Diagnostics

One of the definitions of health is the balance of energy in the body. Any deviation could, over time, cause health problems that we are initially entirely unaware of. When a disease is latent, however, it can reliably be identified by a device that works on the principle of EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll). Energy’s consultants use Supertronic to measure energy in the body. This is an electronic device which, by measuring the electrical resistance of the skin at precisely defined acupuncture points, detects the current energy state of an organ meridian, or of the organ or its tissue directly. In layman’s terms, it examines how autonomous centres in the brain and the spinal cord control the various organs and their tissues. In addition, it can test the suitability of bioinformatics for a particular person.

By measuring points on the hands and feet and then analysing their values, it can quite accurately determine the source of any problems. It is possible to determine the type of stress, which enzymatic systems are not working at 100%, or whether there is a malabsorption disorder in the small intestine, and detect infectious conditions. This is not a medical diagnosis. Instead, it ascertains how the various systems are functioning. After this analysis, a specific product or a combination of products to help restore organ function – to regenerate it – can then be tested directly.

Energy diagnostics is a non-invasive method allowing for the early detection of functional problems in an organ. It is most significant in health prevention; here, regeneration is most effective and the cause of organ dysfunction can be reliably remedied. If a healthy person has themselves measured at least once every six months, they need not be worried about dangerous chronic illnesses. The device identifies dysfunction before any symptoms are manifested. The subsequent regenerative action of the tested product prevents further development of the disorder and returns the functioning of the organ to normal values. If a client who has already been measured shows certain symptoms, Supertronic can target regeneration directly to the origin of the disease and the body returns to normal much faster. Even in cases of severe and often untreatable disorders, at least partial remediation occurs during six to nine months of targeted regeneration.

How long regeneration takes depends on the depth and length of the disorder. With young people or disorders that have recently appeared, the situation may be rectified within three weeks. Regeneration can usually be combined with conventional treatment because the principle of regenerative action is completely different from the effects of conventional drugs. The Supertronic measurement method is designed to detect functional problems, which differ from medical diagnostics, where organic disorders and anatomical changes are detected. Therefore, medical diagnostics should not be confused with energy diagnostics, which complements conventional medical diagnostics well and is a beneficial alternative form of health care.


» Although Energy products have a wide range of effects, each of them influences a certain area of the body. The product you use prepares another system of organs for regeneration, and this brings about the gradual recovery of the whole body. We deal with one problem at a time. As a result, regeneration can sometimes take longer because disorders are remedied gradually.

» When handling chronic conditions and administering a product to children, it is always preferable to start with lower doses
– start with one drop and gradually move towards the recommended dosage. During pregnancy and if medical conditions are complicated, you must consult a doctor.