Supertronic Diagnostics

Supertronic DiagnosticsSupertronic Diagnostics

To meet the needs of therapists using EG products we have developed Supertronic – a device based on the electroacupuncture according to the method of Dr. Voll. This method dates back to the 1950’s and it is an application of the traditional Chinese acupuncture on the scientific basis. Dr. Voll, author of this method, found out that the electrical resistance of the skin in the places of acupuncture points is much lower; therefore there is higher conductivity of energy. More correct name of this effect is electrical impedance. And Supertronic is a device designed to measure this impedance. Of course, there are several other devices using this method and each of them has its pros and cons. Supertronic has an advantage in its portability and ease of use.

Those who are interested in obtaining this device must complete a special training first. During this training they are taught measuring methods, the interpretation of the results and the application of them in their practice. For more detailed information on the purchaseand training terms please contact the Int’l Sales Dept.