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The Visage Oil makeup removing cleansing oil stands for the gentlest way of natural skin cleansing. Based on the principle “similar by similar”, it efficiently removes bacteria, sebum and impurities that are soluble in fat only and cannot be removed using water. It leaves the skin clean and protected. The product contains only natural oils, precious essences and a unique Protektin herbal extract. When put on a damped cotton pad, it creates a gentle emulsion ensuring an easy application and showing a sufficiently strong effect to take off even waterproof makeup and mascara. We recommend to use the oil together with Visage Water – the toning and regenerating complexion water – as well as with Renove skin care creams.

Active Ingredients

Pure vegetable oils – macadamia, safflower, almond; coconut oil – Emolid, herbal extract (drug fumitory, Robert geranium, Japanese pagoda tree, professor-weed, butter and eggs, great burdock, lawn daisy, heather, liquorice, American witchhazel, common comfrey, calamus, common kidneyvetch, udo, celandine, Baical skullcap, stickywilly, field horsetail, European field pansy); vitamin E; essential oils (camomile, grapefruit).


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