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Relaxin contains a unique combination of two highly effective natural extracts made of magnolia bark and kudzu root. Both substances are combined in due proportion to their strong synergic effect. It may calm our body while keeping all senses alert. It may help to manage any kind of stress, anxiety and mental discomfort. It may help to overcome various kinds of addiction and improve cognitive function. It efficiently eliminates undesirable oral bacteria.

Active Ingredients

Kudzu root and magnolia bark extracts.


Adults: 2 – 7 drops 1-3x a day; children from 12 years : 7 drops per day; children 3 – 12 years: 2 drops per day, half an hour before or after the meal. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Administer ideally diluted with a glass of water, or directly by drops in a spoon. To stimulate the process of detoxification increase your intake of fluids within the period of regeneration process. After three weeks it is necessary to interrupt the application for one week.

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