Protektin XXL


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Protektin XXL

Protektin XXL regenerating cream shows antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing effect. It may be suitable for the eczematous and problematic skin prone to the skin eruptions, primarily in cases of acne, psoriasis, eczema, cold sores, allergic rashes, skin inflammation conditions, and poorly healing wounds. It may help in detoxification of the skin and in conditions affecting liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas. It may sooth itching of the skin and inhibit the development of the fungal cells. It may be used as a supplement in the treatment of vitiligo. It may eliminate pigmented lesions and increase the protection of the skin from radiation of various sorts. It may help in the feeling of fullness, irritated stomach and/or gall bladder, liver, spleen and pancreas disorders. It may alleviate tendon pain after the strain or injury. It may improve the function of voice boxes.

Active Ingredients

Herbal extract (drug fumitory, Robert geranium, Japanese pagoda tree, professor-weed, butter and eggs, great burdock, lawn daisy, heather, liquorice, American witchhazel, common comfrey, calamus, common kidneyvetch, udo, celandine, Baical skullcap, stickywilly, field horsetail, European field pansy), vegetable oils (evening primrose, linseed, castor, soybean, peanut), essential oils (sweet fennel, tea tree, muster John Henry, vetivergrass, niaouli-tree, cardamom, English lavender, balsam of Tolu, sweet scented geranium, anise burnet saxifrage, amber, camphor, staranise tree, arborvitae, garden ginger), vitamin A and E, thermal water, potassium humate, snail egg extract, earthworm extract, humic liposomes, succinic acid, beta-glucans, myrrh, dammar, frankincense, and dracaena extracts.

250 ml

This product is part of the regenerating creams range from Skin Herbalist in Galway Ireland.


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