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This product contains pure sap from the Amazonian tree Croton lechleri Muell. Arg., also known as Sangre de Drago – Dragon’s Blood. It shows strong antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-mycotic, antioxidant, and haemostatic effects, which may speed up healing of the wounds, tissues and skin, thrushes, ulcers, and inflammations. It may facilitate regeneration and strengthen the immunity of the organism. It may positively influence the cases of respiratory and pyretic conditions, influenza, and other infectious diseases. It may be used internally and externally.

Active Ingredients

Croton lechleri sap.


Drags Imun may be used internally and/or externally. Shake well before use. Internal use: 10 drops 1-3 times a day (0.5ml), preferably after the meal. Wash it down with water. Interrupt the application for one week after every 3 weeks. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. It is recommended to increase your intake
of fluids in the course of application. External use: apply directly on affected area or wound. 3-5 drops diluted in a glass of water may be used as a gargle. In cases of gum disease,
it may be applied directly on toothbrush.

30 ml

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