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Cytovital is designed for nutrition and regeneration of the skin cells. It shows antiviral, antiseptic, anti-mycotic effect. It may help in rejuvenating of the skin, regeneration and detoxification of cells, and in cases of seriously damaged skin (e.g. scars, wounds, scrapes, cellulite, various types of radiation, burns, fungi, inflammations). It may help in menopause and in hormone system disorders. It may be used as a support in cases of vitiligo, scleroderma, diabetes, and in cancer patients going through irradiation to speed up regeneration of tissues and skin. It may support the function of ovaries in infertility and harmonize the functioning of thyroid gland. It may be applied topically in cases of cysts, skin itching, and as an antioxidative protection from free radicals.

Active Ingredients

Herbal extract (rhaponticum, Japanese pepper tree, Eurasian Solomon’s seal, liquorice, butter and eggs, Muira Puama, English lavender, vanilla, garden ginger, spadeleaf, anise burnet saxifrage, sweet fennel, Baical skullcap), vegetable oils (peanut, poppy, hemp, linseed, sesame, castor), essential oils (English lavender, patchouli, amber, cardamom, broadleaved lavender, litsea, nutmeg, arborvitae, garden ginger, tangor, sweet scented geranium, muster John Henry, Tasmanian bluegum, anise burnet saxifrage), vitamin A and E, thermal water, potassium humate, snail egg extract, earthworm extract, myrrh, dammar, frankincense, and dracaena extracts, succinic acid, azelaic acid, liposomes, beta-glucans.


This product is part of the regenerating creams range from Skin Herbalist in Galway Ireland.


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