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This aromatic bath with high volume of humic substances and a blend of selected essential oils contains active substances that directly influence the skin or get to our blood through the lungs. They harmonize the single organs, thus promoting blood circulation in the skin and joints. Better blood circulation in these places brings better supply of nutrients and oxygen and consequently faster regeneration of damaged tissues. The bath containing humic substances and essential oils has a detoxifying effect on the body, promotes blood circulation, mobilizes the immune system, and facilitates oxidation of the cells (act as antioxidants). Essential oils directly influence the metabolism and the CNS.

Active Ingredients

Potassium humate, castor oil, essential oils (camphor, juniper, litsea, arborvitae, shaddock, sweet bay, styrax).


Sugested use: Balneol bath is highly concentrated; therefore, a half of the bottle cap, i.e. approx. 5 ml, is sufficient for a common bathtub. Recommended time of the bath is 15 minutes in water temperature 36 °C. The bath may be drawn 1 – 3 times per week. Shake well before use. Rinse the cap after the use. If you suffer from serious health problems such as vascular, etc., in case of which the bath could cause an excessive strain on your organism, consult your physician on suitability of balneotherapy procedures for you.

100 ml


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