Pentagram of herbal concentrates


Pentagram of Herbal Concentrates

Herbal concentrates from Skin Herbalist in Galway Ireland for distribution in Ireland and United Kingdom from our online shop.

Renol may be used in cases of urologic problems, infections of the urinary tract and kidneys, urinary stones, problems associated with urination, prostatitis, swelling of lower extremities and around eyes.

Gynex may be used in the treatment of pre-menstrual tension, hormonal dysfunction and menstrual cycle disorders, vaginal discharge, inflammation of ovaries, osteoporosis, flushes, breast lumps, and other menopausal complaints.

Regalen may be used for eczema, allergies, dyspepsia and indigestion, gall bladder dysfunction or gallstones, psoriasis, asthma, and their chronic conditions.

Vironal may be used for prevention, but mainly in the cases of typical syndromes related to the energypathway of lungs – difficult breathing, cough or sore throat.

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