Christmas Gifts @ Skin Herbalist - Treat Yourself to Pure Power of Nature

Treat Yourself to pure power of nature

The Skin Herbalist moisturisers, soaps and shampoos, Droserin, Protektin, Artrin, Cytovital and Ruticelit are all based on unique organic herbal extracts. Besides their creams, these products contain herbal extracts, pure natural essentials oils and thermal water from the Podhájska hot spring. They are beneficial to the skin and hair and, through the energy system of acupuncture points and reflex zones.Their advantage is that they act gently, they are easy to wash away with water, and they do not unnecessarily burden our body with chemicals. Nutritive Balsam untangles hair and provides it with nutrition.

We can support and supplement the effects of the creams with the use of our soaps, shampoos and toothpaste. This combination is excellent for the body and makes our skin and teeth both vibrant and clean. We can also draw on this unique holistic range to devise a regular ritual for the cleansing of both the body and soul. Remember what makes our herbal creams exceptional is that we incorporate a colossal 50% herbal extract. Some of the vital ingredients include shea butter castor, linseed and soy bean to name but a few. This Christmas we strive to offer our customers a unique natural cosmetic range of products and to leave the best news till last.

With each purchase of €25 or more on our online shop we will offer free shipping anywhere in Ireland and free €25 voucher for any of our online products, redeemable up until the end of January 2019.