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Health screening open days at Clayton Hotel Galway

Health screening open days at Clayton Hotel Galway

After hugely successful open days in Galway, Mayo and Athlone, Medical herbalist Patrick Murphy will be hosting his health screening open days at Clayton Hotel Galway on Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June from 8.00am to 7.00pm using the Supertronic health screening device.

A health screening session with the Supertronic device which is used throughout Europe in many doctors’ and herbalists’ practices would usually cost €180 but at Patrick’s open day, those in attendance can receive a one-on-one full health screening for only €50.

Patrick says; “The full health screening with the Supertronic involves a probe which tests the acupuncture and meridian points in the fingers of both hands. This test is non-invasive and the client feels absolutely nothing. The test takes on average 30 minutes and is available for everyone except children under the age of eight.

“The results may then reveal if there are any energy imbalances in the digestive system, cardiovascular system, the immune system, neurological system, etc. The screening may help to detect and treat illnesses such as allergies, organ weakness, food intolerances, and nutritional deficiencies. The test may also show energy imbalances the heart, lungs, digestive system, kidneys, and bowels. The results from the screening may pinpoint where the imbalances lie and are interpreted by various scores. If I find any imbalances, I will advise the client to visit their GP for further examination”.

Due to the huge success of the previous open days, appointments must be made in advance by calling 093-27033.

Patrick trained under the tutelage of Professor Joaquin Fernandez Alcaraz and is fully accredited in carrying out this popular health screening alternative medicine method.

If you would like more information about the Supertronic health screening device open days at Clayton Hotel Galway on Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June from 8.00am to 7.00pm phone 093 27033 or email [email protected].

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Crohn’s sufferer praises herbal medicine

Mary was at a time in her life where her health had completely failed. She trained as a professional in the medical field but prescription medicine did not help her.

She was utterly alone and terrified at the age of 42. Every week she picked up the Galway Advertiser and read Patrick Murphy’s (medical herbalist ) article.

The articles were logical to Mary and made sense. She contacted Patrick Murphy, and immediately she felt reassured.

In her first meeting Mary decided that she was not going to tell Patrick about her many diagnoses. She gave him her long list of symptoms and he took a detailed history from her. Mary was shocked when he correctly labelled all her illnesses. There was no miracle cure for Mary.

Patrick gave Mary herbs, which she took precisely, he had also gave her dietary advice and lifestyle suggestions. When Mary did meet Patrick first she was very ill and knew there was a long road to recovery. She had not worked in a year, was in daily pain, suffered from profound exhaustion, and unable to leave her home due to Crohn’s disease. Her hair was falling out at an alarming rate and she had given up hope.

Now she still is on the road to full recovery, she is back at work, and her hair is regrowing. Her Crohn’s disease is almost in remission.

She is enjoying the best health in 14 years. There were times in her journey where her symptoms got more severe due to her body healing.

It was vital for Mary during this time to keep taking the herbs and nutritional supplements that Patrick Murphy gave her. Mary thought during this time that the herbs were not working, but it was the opposite, the illness was leaving her body. Patrick met Mary regularly and was always on the other end of the phone to give her advice and make sure that she was sticking to the plan.

Eighteen months later, Mary has had no surgery, she has not taken prescription medications. She said that this is owing to Patrick’s herbal medicine and guidance.

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Droserin Cream Health Benefits

Breathing problems and respiratory conditions are notoriously hard to treat but a solution could lie in something as simple as an organic herbal cream, or droserin cream, to be specific.

Made from natural ingredients, including thermal water from the podhajska hot spring. It’s most important components are rosa centifolia and the bio-information of drosera roundifoli – both have excellent effects on the lungs and skin.

The herbal cream is suitable for helping the energy channels when suffering from asthma, influenza, tonsillitis, cold, sinusitis, cough, heart pain, varicose ulcers, IBS, constipation. It proves it’s worth also with reoccurrent chest infections, bronchitis and pain in the cervical and middle spine.

One of thee droserin components (approx 50% of volume) is strongly energised water from the podhajska hot springs. It is tertiary sea water that has beneficial effects on the lungs. Owing to the unique mineral composition it’s regenerative effect is longer lasting and more profound than the effect of the dead sea water. Thanks to this water droserin contains a high volume of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulphur, phosphorus, silicone, boron, lithium, zinc, manganese and other herbs that have a positive effect on the body. The application is speeded up by vitamin e and apple vinegar contained in the cream. Droserin is highly recommended in Europe by medical doctors, therapists and some hospital consultants.

The cream can also be used by children 3 years and older. Apply three times daily to the chest cavity. In the case of IBS, rub on the abdomen three times daily.

For further information please contact medical herbalist Patrick Murphy on 093:27033 or email him at[email protected]. Mobile:0858810692.

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Prague Doctor Praises Relaxin

Coping with stress and anxiety is not always easy, and our ability to manage it varies throughout our lives and according to the nature of the stress.

Relaxin herbal complex can increase your resistance to stress. It works as a general tonic for all body systems including the nervous system, and it makes you more resilient to life’s pressures. I recommend using Relaxin in specific situations when you expect an unusual increase in stress. For instance, during important exams or when you need to meet deadlines or targets at work.

I also recommend Relaxin as a first class natural remedy for people who suffer from panic attack, mild depression, worry, anxiety, insomnia and lack of concentration. The ability to cope with stress can be also related to your adrenal function, which can be dramatically improved by taking Relaxin under the supervision of a medical herbalist. Remember, you don’t need to be depressed in order to act to improve your mood and motivation. Many herbs have gentle mood enhancers suitable for people who’s enthusiasm for life is not as strong as it used to be. It is my belief that the natural state of mind is contentment. Of course I fully understand there are objective reasons why we become unhappy – for example illness, job or relationship stress, or financial worries – but there are many other reasons, often unappreciated by the unhappy individual, such as lack of exercise, the way one lived and eats, lack of contact with nature, no hobbies or interests, and of course fixed attitudes as to what constitutes happiness.

Sometimes, however, we became dissatisfied with life for no apparent reason. Our zest for life diminishes and we don’t feel like doing anything. With regards to long term versus short term treatment these are my thoughts. If you are in the former category you will need to look carefully at your life and change those things that influence your mood negatively.

You can resort to Relaxin described below while trying to sort things out. You may need depending on your stress and lifestyle use Relaxin for two to three months. If you are In the latter category a short course of treatment, a few days to a couple of weeks with relaxin should restore your former enthusiasm for life. Once you feel happier, you won’t need the herbs anymore. Relaxin should put you in the right frame of mind and once this is achieved it should be a self perpetuating state.

Dr Bodan Hatmar is a practicing medical consultant and medical doctor in Prague and uses Relaxin with great effect in his private clinic. Due to the fact it has no side effects it has no addictive properties and works very quickly to achieve harmony. For people who are taking medications, please use common sense at all times, never come off your medications without the expressed advice of your medical practicioner.

If you have any queries on this article please contact medical herbalist Patrick Murphy on 093:27033.

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Balneol a Tonic for Healthy Joints

You’ve always been active and you always have wanted to be, yet time is beginning to tell. Your joints and muscles are even more important as you become older, so when you recognise that all isn’t quite as it should be, you need to act. Mary Kelly is not only a fitness fanatic but also a keen walker, so when she started to notice aches and pains and her movement slowing down she was determined to find a solution.

She began to search for something natural to offer her joints support without going down the medical route and came up with Balneol. Mary considers herself pretty fit and active, yet age does eventually creep up and “you notice these pains and little niggles on a frequent basis” says Mary from Athlone. She has enjoyed walking for 25 years and also enjoys her spare time in the garden. “Those niggles can have a severe effect on your quality of life and I was determined that was not going to happen to me.”

Mary’s search led her to Balneol which is distributed by the Tuam based Herbalist, Patrick Murphy. There are numerous studies that demonstrate it benefits and the simple fact that it is easy to use.

What convinced Mary to try Balneol bath therapy was the fact it contains only natural minerals and humane substances from peat bogs millions of years old. This treatment has been widely used in Czech medicine and in fact it was knowing to Mary that Doctors, Herbalists and Nutritionists show great confidence in Balneol for improving your health.

Mary has been using Balneol for six months and it is proving to be a winner. Mary is back walking, taking part in Pilates and much more. “When you discover something this good you need to share the benefits, I love this product and have told all my friends about it. This fits my mantra of being fit for life.”

If you would like to find out more on Balneol, please contact Patrick Murphy on 093-27033, email – [email protected] or

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Acne and Boils

Stop Worrying ! Help is at Hand.

Most people get acne before their mid 20’s some will suffer from it more than others. It can often be a cause of depression and distress for some.

Acne occurs when blockages form in the ducts of small glands in the skin. The contents of this gland then become inflamed. These inflammations are known as comedones. They are also called blackheads and whiteheads.

Acne often affects teenagers as they go through puberty, and also women approaching the menopause. This is caused by hormonal imbalances.

To help my clients limit the acne they suffer I help them improve their diet.

I suggest they avoid fried foods, cheese, butter, ice cream, whole milk, chocolate, fatty meats, coffee and other stimulants.

Remember the oil produced by the glands is also increased by eating foods that contain bromides, iodine and caffeine as they stimulate the endocrine system.

I always encourage my clients to eat fresh fruits and vegetables lean meats, organic chicken, fish, whole grain cereals and also drink two litres of water per day.

A diet including these foods should allow for regular bowel movements.

For information on natural organic herbal remedies and vitamin supplements to help acne, please contact the skin herbalist.

Be Healthy be Happy

Patrick Murphy, Herbalist.

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