About Me

Pat Murphy Herbalist

Originally I became interested in herbal medicine as my mother’s uncle Paddy Feeney was a natural healer and used natural herbs for healing.

I wanted to learn more and spent three years training to be a herbalist. I studied Herbal Medicine with the BSY College, and qualified with a distinction. I received my diploma in December 1995.The course is designed to build on a fundamental understanding of Herbal Medicine. In 2014 I updated my qualifications and completed a course in herbal medicine, accredited by the ABC awards, Quality License scheme. I received a diploma with merit. Patrick helps people who suffer from a variety of ailments, including fevers, stomach problems, aches and pains and skin problems.

My big interest is skin problems as I suffered myself as a child with a skin disorder which was cleared up and managed by using natural herbs and a natural handmade aloe vera soap.

I see people from a wide surrounding area.  I offer 10 minute telephone consultations to discuss how herbal medicine may be able to help you.

You can contact me for more information or make an appointment by telephone – 093 27033

Personal Details 
Age 53, Married with 2 Children.
Interests – Walking, Hurling & Gaelic Football

Pat Murphy


  • Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Blackford Centre
  • Diploma in Medical Herbalism BSY College
  • Diploma in Magnetfield Therapy from Massfuture Medical Germany, September 2000
  • Diploma in Environmental Management, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
  • Diploma in Homeopathy Bsy College Devon UK
  • Diploma in Marketing – 1985 National School of Marketing, Sevendale Place, Manchester UK
  • Diploma as Family Herbalist – College of Herbal Medicine Springville , UT 84663 , USA
P Murphy Family Herbalist – Code of Practise
I promise

  • To maintain confidentiality about the clients condition or information collected from the patient
  • To avoid exaggerated claims of cure
  • To advise the client to seek medical advice when symptoms require orthodox medicine
  • To never offer the client herbals that are dangerous to their health
  • To never offer the clients herbs that are illegal
  • To avoid any direct or blatant advertising
  • To be true to the aim of the profession by relieving suffering